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10 Creative Photography Ideas to Try

Photography ideas can make your memories more beautiful


Photography has not ever been as well-known as it is today. People of all ages learn photography classes in many schools and online universities, and lots of artistic photographers have a great opportunity to disclose themselves not only as artists but also as instructors.

Like all creatives, photographers can occasionally experience creative block or a lack of interesting photography ideas, no matter what side of the school desk they depend on. The best way for photography mentors and instructors to fight this concern is through the usage of creative projects.

#1: Pano Stitching (aka Brenizer Method)


Panoramic images usually have great dynamism about them – they hold the knack to capture an extensive space and wrap it into a single picture. Make high-resolution environmental portrayals through the Brenizer Method that showcases your subjects and their environs. Wide opening panoramic stitching works well with lenses that provide you a shallow depth of turf and greater firmness.

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#2: Spray Bottle


Spray Bottle is a simple tool to use for photography, as we stay clear of all water when given the possibility. Spray few water drops on your camera lens and you can turn a dull image into an exceptional one.


  • Spray few drops of water on the desired part of lens
  • Regulate the size of the foreground bokeh by modifying your aperture (wider aperture = bigger bokeh)
  • Ensure there is no dirt on your lens, as you can scratch your camera lens while wiping off the water

#3: Mixed Lighting


This is one of the best photography ideas most of the photographers follow. Though most of the shooters incline to stay clear of combining lighting to duck out discolored skin tones, the upshot can really increase the quality of your photography when done properly. Here the trick is to divide the light sources so the temperatures will not mix, and there is a great way to poise the light inside Lightroom.

#4: Long Exposures


A sky full of stars as a background is assured to leave your customers impressed and is rather possibly one of the simple tricks as it needs no gimmick, just some extra time in post-production. These photography ideas can be composited with a shiny night sky to get the best effect.

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#5: Free Lensing


This photography technique needs some DIY-ing but it makes a great look that brides are definite to love. Free lensing is a method that makes use of a broken lens to make light bleed over the edges of the frame, crafting diverse colors and flares. We have used a broken Canon 50mm f/1.8 for the above image, holding off the camera body letting light to flare over. Aperture doesn’t play a role in the photo seeing the lens has been clogged down to a precise number prior to usage and it’s divided from the camera body. This provides images a slight tilt-shift effect without a tilt-shift lens. 

#6: Tilt Shift


A tilt-shift lens is destined to throw the focus plane, assisting you to focus on numerous subjects to make interest or exact perspective. Initially, it is hard to route the functionality of a tilt-shift lens, but like other photography ideas, it’s a matter of test and error. Comprehending how the focus plane operates is the central hurdle to cross as it is such a non-traditional standpoint. The above picture was shot by using a Canon 90mm f/2.8 Tilt Shift lens.

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#7: Shoot Throughs


This is one of the photography theme ideas that require you to think Out of the box, least bothering about the location. Shooting over the objects can yield you with an assortment of unique arrangements, flares, and standpoints. We have a full special effects progression outlining the numerous accessories that can be used to make dramatic and rare light flares, or even to rebuild golden hour.

#8: Atmospheric Aerosol/fog


A small amount of fog in specific places can add great depth and texture to a location. Fog machines would be the decisive tool for some photography theme ideas like this, yet, they are often cumbrous to carry around on shoots, and they do cost much. Here is where Atmosphere Aerosol comes into the picture: these cans of fog are very reasonable and let you spray the parts you want the fog.


  • Fill the area with the good amount of fog
  • Using a reflector just waft the fog around to regulate the spread

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#9: Whip Pan


Having a perfect lens with inbuilt IS (image stabilization) will make a straighter line going through the image.


  • Slower the shutter speed to 0.5-1 seconds
  • Loosen the tripod head
  • Press shutter button then rapidly pan in single direction
  • Use rear curtain synchronization to freeze the subject

#10: Reflections


A simple prism can be used to add exclusive reflections, alter your composition, or add a flare sometimes. The perfect part is that it’s handy, and you can bring it to any photo shoot.


  • Get the Prism up to your lens, turn and twist until you find your preferred composition
  • Keep a note of which photographs you like and how you placed the Prism, so you can simply re-create the complete look later.

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