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Best Diet for Dengue Patients to Recover Quickly

Diet for dengue patients normally comprises a lot of fluid intake, green veggies, and proteins.


Dengue is the disorder which is a flu-like illness. People are deliberating whether any specific diet for dengue patients is there through the illness period and after getting healed.

High fever, joint pains, headache and measles such as skin rash typically accompany dengue fever. But then, there are specific food tips that can aid to alleviate these symptoms and hasten your recovery process from dengue! Would you like to know what foods they are? Do give this article a read!

Healthy Food Diet For Dengue Patients

  1. Orange


Oranges are full of essential vitamins and nutrients. These fruits are rich in vitamin C, an important antioxidant. The high-fiber percentage of oranges makes them perfect for treating dyspepsia as well. Add this tangy and juicy fruit to your diet now if you wish to hit the road to recover soon.

  1. Papaya


Papaya has numerous medicinal values. It is a well-known home remedy through cultures. Investigations reveal that the papaya seed acts as a toxic for the Aedes mosquito. More studies conclude that papaya initiates faster platelet creation in dengue patients. All you want to do is crush a duo of papaya leaves and drink its juice twice in a day in order to beat the dengue dejections.

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  1. Avoid Oily Food


One of the major symptoms of dengue is stomach snags. Just make sure you don’t endure eating oily and spicy food as it will simply worsen your disorder.

  1. Porridge


The delightful cereal or dalia (the Indian name for it), is a well-known breakfast option all about the world. It’s high fiber and nutrient value makes sure that you get the adequate strength to combat the disease. Porridge is very easy to swallow and digests as well. Keep in mind to eat a lot of porridge when you are suffering from dengue.

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  1. Herbal Tea


Herbal teas can assist you to reduce the symptoms of dengue fever. Select flavors like peppermint, cardamom or ginger. Ginger has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory characteristics that help to reduce the dengue fever. An herbal tea prepared with the leaves of Euphorbia hirta or asthma-plant aids to treat dengue. The plant grows plentifully all over Southeast Asia.

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