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Best Gel Nail Designs and their Application Tips

Gel nail designs look more attractive and catchy


Gel nail designs have become a favorite for many youngsters these days. Mostly every girl loves to glitter her nails for special occasions. Gel nail art designs can give that additional edge to your nails and revitalize the move and send sparkles in dull instants. We are here with a great collection of easy gel nail designs that you definitely love to have on your nails. Just have a glance at our ideas and pick your favorite gel nail art design to try. Enjoy!

  1. Powdered & Patterned

It is very difficult to get a perfect pattern if you use a normal nail polish and it is an extremely time-consuming process. Here come the benefits of gel nails. Just by attaching a simple designed sticker or paper or a plastic pattern onto your nails can give you a flawless look like below.


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  1. Swirling Roses

An elegant design of flawless gel nails comes with the designs of roses and leaves, associated with a swirling pattern. Usually, patterns like this type would be hard to achieve or looks messy if anything goes wrong. As a gel type nail design, they are evenly spread out and look shiny when applied.


  1. Sparkling Violet Frenchie

Gel nails can be fitted into any shape that you would like your nails to have, whether it might be cork-tipped or long. Usually, sparkles look great when done by using the gel.


  1. Devious Black Fencing & Flowers

This is one greater example of nail art patterns that look fabulous as a gel nail art. Here, the wearer can add few flowers to some nails in order to add certain captivating depth to the designs.


  1. Lemon Sunshine

You can switch around with numerous designs and styles by using these gel nails. One of the benefits of having them is, they will retain your real nails damage-free and tough when you wear these gel nails.


  1. Glitter Goddess

The flawless sheen of gel nails is indubitable. If you are a lady that prefers a sexy and sleek look of sparkly, finished nails then gel nails are the best way to go. They replicate more light when compared to nail polish.


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  1. 80’s Retro Punk

You definitely won’t go wrong with the designs that depict the era you were either born in or once adored. The perky pink and pastel blue ended with black animal prints is definitely becoming a classic, representative of the 80s and becoming propagated by the next generation of experts.


  1. Wildly Blue & Brilliant

A perfect example of how creative and fun you are can be depicted through your gel nails. The sheen of gel nails certainly not fades, even when glitter is placed heavily to the pattern like above. Colors are apparently more brilliant, blacks are piercing, and the best benefit about marvelous nails job is that they last from about two to four weeks based on how well you just take care of them.


  1. Polka-Dotted Strikes

Youngsters can certainly enjoy these simple gel nail designs of about ten years old. They can be shaped into any length you want, including short, and will let the nails under to remain strong as they grow. Pretty designs like silver, hot pink and black can make a small girl’s birthday much more marvelous.


  1. Sweeping Monotones

You can yet have a French manicure with some additional designs placed on. White, silver, and black always go well together when joined with this kind of manicure. The look is formal, lovely, and eye-catching.


  1. St. Patty’s Lucky Charms

Holidays will definitely give you more fun when you wear its signs on the nail tips of your fingers. Here is a great example of holiday gel nail art done with St. Patrick’s Day. You can pick to fashion any symbols into your fingers with gel nail art, and the resultant designs always come out bright and sparkling.


  1. Lovely Hearts

Here we have a pattern that sometimes comes across vended as nail stickers in our stores or salons. You can trim up the design by making it into a simple gel nail designs by adding your own enriched background. The glimmer polish was added and in fact, makes the design stand out well.


  1. Golden Streams

Making use of nail polish in between the layers of gel nails is a great way to make your own tailored designs. Style your nails first, put on your own polish and tamper around with the pattern before adding one more layer of nail gel to every nail and set it well for the final look.


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  1. Kitty Cat Fever

Beautifully creative, this nail design is really a work of art. If you have got a stable hand and a dotting tool for your normal nail polish, you can style your nails that pay accolade to your beloved little pets. Never forget the footprints because they just keep your eyes moving all through the palette of your nails!


  1. Panda Bear Charm

This is a cute and fluffy example of yet a diverse way to show off small footprints on your nails. You can think just outside of the box and substitute the panda face with a lizard face and alter the shape of the footprints. You can select a fish and put foams on your fingertips. Everything goes!


  1. Rockin’ Black and White Patterns

The patterns are retro and edgy that looks great on longer nails. If you really want your patterns to stand out, don’t be cautious with the size of your nails, it is what really gives you plentiful space to create these miniature bits of art.


How to Remove Gel Nail Designs

After exhibiting your nails, you definitely wish to remove them safely. Here is the best procedure to remove this kind of nail art. Have some Gel Nail Remover which you can get at your salon.

1) Put on the remover on your gel nails and then gently rub it off, so as not to harm your real nails.

2) Warm the bottle of gel nail remover by placing it under the hot running water just for a couple of minutes till it’s warm to the touch.

3) Now pour sufficient amount of gel nail remover in a bowl to entirely dip your fingernails or fingertips.

4) Then soak your nails completely in the remover bowl until the gel gets softened.

5) Shove off the gel from your nails by using an orange stick which usually comes with your gel nail remover. You can also make use of a Popsicle stick or even a coin.

6) Dry out your hands and rub your nails with a good piece of cloth in order to make sure that all the gel has been removed.

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