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Best Ideas for 80s Workout Outfits

80s Workout outfits are a colorful choice for fun-loving people who love vintage fitness clothing


80s workout outfits are well-known amusing and easily recognizable costume for a Halloween party or a theme party. Get inspiration from ’80s pop culture models in music and film industry, and try to outdo the aerobic styles you see. Try chasing for vintage costume products in thrift stores, or make modifications to basic, reasonable items to transform you into an 80s workout guru.

Leotard and Tights


Leotards and tights were nails for 80s women’s workout attire. Leotards usually cover the torso and sometimes arms also, whereas sometimes women wore tights or leggings underneath in order to cover the legs. Wear a leotard with bright colors like fuchsias and neon purples, and now highlight these patterns or colors with a couple of leggings, tights or bike shorts. If you are unable to find a leotard, just go for a colorful one-piece bathing suit over leggings or tights to get a similar effect.

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Oversized sweaters or crew-neck sweatshirts were every so often worn over the leotard and tights and deck off one shoulder. Attain this look by chopping the elastic neck off an antique sweater or sweatshirt. Now put the resultant garment on, and drag it down to uncover one of your shoulders. Cut the sleeves to a preferable length, if you think you will become overheated. Moreover, you can even wear an old-fashioned, oversized T-shirt above the leotard if you can’t find a sweatshirt or a sweater.

Leg Warmers


Leg warmers are one more key component for pulling an 80s workout costume completely. These are sleeve-like outfits have an opening to bare the feet; wear them clustered around the ankles. You can get these leg warmers in numerous dance clothing supply stores, or else you can simply cut the feet off a couple of large socks for expediency and affordability.

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Sweatbands were one of the different types of 80s workout outfits, so wear a vibrant one around your forehead and if desired you can place one or two sweatbands all-around your wrists. Pull your complete hair back into a side ponytail and if you are having a long hair then tie it up with a colorful scrunchie. Just wear a vintage belt to your waist, and carry a pair of small hand weights to add an extra zing.



It would be great to go for a pair of flamboyant vintage 80s athletic shoes. Try to opt for high-tops as they were popular workout shoes of that specific time period. One more authentic option is a pair of simple canvas tennis shoes. If you are incapable to find these types of items, just wear a pair of athletic sneakers to finish up your costume.

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