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Best Remedies for Diabetes Dry Skin

People, who are suffering from diabetes, are inclined to many kinds of dry skin problems


Both type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes can be allied with skin problems, including dry skin.  Nobody knows precisely why dry skin is allied with diabetes but most of the diabetic experts specify that diabetic dry skin conditions can be simply managed with simple tips.

Control the blood sugar numbers


If your blood sugar levels are out of control, you need to have a greater likelihood of distress from dry skin.  In order to make your diabetes under control, you need to have an observation on what you eat, inculcate a healthy lifestyle, decrease the salt intake, maintain a normal blood pressure, and workout to maintain a healthy weight.

Talk to your doctor


Your doctor might be able to assist you to identify some of the skin conditions you are experiencing as a result of suffering from diabetes.  The doctor will be competent to estimate your dry skin condition and will be able to make needed recommendations about which treatments you can do that will cure the dry skin problems and other skin conditions allied with diabetes mellitus.

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Recognize diabetic nerve damage


If you are distressing from diabetic neuropathy (nerve damage from high blood sugar levels), you need to take special care to handle your dry skin.  With diabetic nerve damage, you might not be aware of dry skin disorders and you have an enlarged probability of having cracks in the skin that can get diseased.  If you have dry skin and diabetic nerve damage, you need to check the skin of your lower extremes daily to make sure that you haven’t developed any kind of crack or tear in the skin surface so that you didn’t notice because of numbness secondary to neuropathy.

Get treatment for any wounds you may have


If you find that you have a tear or cut from dry skin, be aware that the likelihood of developing an infection is higher than normal because diabetes negatively affects your ability to heal these types of skin problems.  If you have dry skin and this has resulted in getting a tear or cut in your skin, you need to see your doctor about getting on some type of medication (such as an antibiotic) so that the tear doesn’t develop an infection.

Cover your skin


If you are a diabetic patient with dry skin, you should cover those specific areas of your body that are dry in order to inhibit tearing of the skin that might become diseased.  This means to cover your skin with long pants, socks, and well-fitting shoes that prevent injuries whenever you are outside or in a condition where a cut or tear is probably to happen.

Keep the skin clean at all times


As you are at a higher risk of developing tears or cuts from dry skin, you should keep your skin clean at all times. This means having frequent baths by using mild soaps can keep your skin.

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