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Best Remedies for Diabetes Dry Skin

Avoid showers or baths that are extremely hot


If you distressing from dry skin because of diabetes, you need to avoid extremely hot baths or showers.  Try to have lukewarm baths and evade using bubble baths that can dry out the skin much.  Instead of using a steam bath, have a plain lukewarm water bath that will wash the skin without any damage.

Don’t scratch your dry skin


When you scratch the dry skin, maximum infections will develop in the cell tissues beneath the skin surface.   Instead of scratching the dry skin, just put on a moisturizer that can retain the skin from becoming very dry and emphasis more on the driest parts of the skin like legs, arms, hands, and feet.

Use a humidifier


Dry skin inclines to be worse for the winter months. By using a good humidifier, you can keep your skin moist and have less itching and a reduced chance getting cuts or tears in the skin.

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Use topical antibiotics


Have a topical antibiotic cream accessible at all times and use it when you have a tear or cut in the skin.  When a cut or tear occurs, rinse the skin carefully and put on topical antibiotic creams in order to prevent the infections from occurring.  If this doesn’t work to cure an infection, see your doctor.

Make use of milder shampoos


The skin of your scalp is expected to be dry if you are suffering from diabetes mellitus.  To avoid an itchy dry scalp, you need to choose a mild soap to clean your hair so that you don’t grow an itchy scalp that would open up and become infected.

Avoid feminine hygiene sprays


These sprays can be very irritating, specifically if they contain fragrances.  As an alternative to using feminine hygiene sprays, just wash the infected area with lukewarm water and mild soap so that you can retain the skin fresh without having to use a hygiene spray.

Take good care of your lower extremities


Check your feet every day for cuts and sores that can happen because of dry skin.  As diabetics often have neuropathy that retains them from feeling the feet, it is vital to inspect the feet daily, just wear white cotton socks to wick away the moisture, and check the shoes daily for the presence of any foreign items that might have accidentally slipped into the shoes before placing them on.

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