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The Coolest Ways to Wear Pennywise Makeup

Pennywise makeup is going to be the coolest Halloween costume to beat this year.


It is the most delightful and creepy time of the year: Halloween. If you wish to experiment with makeup and pretend to be somebody else for a day, this is the perfect season for you. With the re-creation of Stephen King’s “It” movie released simply in time for Halloween, it is already a specified that Pennywise will be the costume of the term.

Gratefully, there are loads of versions of the clown that are flawless for fans and makeup lovers similarly. When it originates to mastering the flawless Halloween costume, it is all about the precise amount of scary and glam. To aid you to stand out in the marine of creepy red and white faces, we have broken down not one, the best pennywise tutorials on the web.



We are quite familiar with Jordan Hanz’s exceptional effects work from previous year’s extraordinary Harley Quinn appearance. But it appears as if she had dropped Suicide Squad for certain major Pennywise act. No one in the world could make that blood-red smile that creepier.

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As if residing in the lines isn’t so hard enough, one Instagram artist had pulled off the comprehensive portrayal of Pennywise on her mouth. Her hero creation of choice: Kat Von D’s Eternal Liquid Lipstick in Witches, of course.



One more artist had felt motivated by the iconic red balloon well-known to float about its future victims in the city of Derry, Maine.



Just wear Pennywise’s spooky sneer on your fingertips all month elongated to show your real dedication to the classic horror picture.

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Not prepared to go complete Pennywise? Go for this somewhat elusive rendition (and sweep out red lips for black).



Here is how to show your deep gratitude for the movie without scaring everybody at the Halloween party: Wear a tricky nail tribute instead.

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