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How to dry nail polish fast-Tips and Tricks

How to dry nail polish fast? Here comes the perfect solution


There is nothing more frustrating than waiting on your nail polish to dry completely, and why is it that your nose only appears to need a scratch just when you have just now painted nails?

Here are some actually effective ways that can speed up this tedious process, so that there would be no need of sitting ideally, watching the paint to get dried.

Soak your nails in ice water


  • Before you begin painting your nails, just fill a bowl with cold water and a few ice cubes.
  • When you have all your polish on, drop your fingertips into the icy depths – the cold will toughen the paint and also speed up the drying procedure.

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Use your hairdryer


  • You know that strange flapping cue we all make drying to hair will also dry nail polish fast?
  • No need of bothering much. Just take a hairdryer, pop it on the cool setting of the nail polish and let that blow to dry the nails.

Get hold of some Seche Vite


  • This trendy nail varnish top coat is well-known for a reason – it actually speeds up the drying procedure of your nails as well as strengthening them and delivering them the protection from chipping.
  • It breaches through all of your polish coatings so that they get more than simply touch dry fast.

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Be eager to get greasy


  • Yeah, this is a strange one, but it does work effectively.
  • Painting your fingers in baby oil after coating makes them dry faster.
  • Rub the oil on your nails for a few minutes before washing off.
  • An additional bonus is that it moisturizes your hands at the similar time!
  • You can also make use of a cooking oil spray, but this isn’t as pleasant and might make your dog eat your fingers.

Paint on thinner coats


  • Painting on several thin coats of polish might sound like it takes longer, but the drying time is really quicker than with one single thick coat.
  • Coat on a few very thin coatings, leaving a minute or two amid each one.

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