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15 Easy Hairstyles To Do Yourself

Easy Hairstyles can be so simple to have and can enhance the beauty of your face


Do you really love finding out new ways to make your hair stylish? How about easy hairstyles? We have found some beautiful and simple hairstyles with complete with images and easy hairstyles step by step, which are perfect for teenagers to be able to simply do themselves. Cool, right? Check it out here.

Flower Braid

  • Pluck a segment of hair from both the sides of your head and put the segments into a small ponytail as shown in the first figure. Then, gently braid the pony all the down to ends.
  • Tie the braid with a rubber at the end to make it loose in order to look more voluminous. The inflated edges also assist to create that flower-petal shape.
  • Twist the braid all around into a roll and pin it firmly against your head.


A Classy Pony

  • Divide your hair into two even segments, one in the back and one in the front, and tug the back half of hair into a pony.
  • Pull out the right half of the front segment diagonally the back of your head above your hair. Then tie and pin it on the top of pony to shield the band.
  • Now, pull out the front left section diagonally across the back part of your head, wrapping it over the pony, and pin it firmly to your head. All Done!

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Easiest Curls Ever

  • Tug your complete hair in a high ponytail by using elastic.
  • Wrap up the first half above and about a 1-inch curling wand for about 10 seconds or more, based on how simply your hair curls. Repeat the process with the second half of your hair also.
  • Now, let down your pony and isolate the curls with your fingers.


A Twisted Halo

  • Curl back a small segment of hair from a side of your head and tug it with a hair pin in the mid of your scalp.
  • Curl back a small segment of hair from another side of your head, pluck it after the first warped segment, and pin it in the mid of your scalp.

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Double-Knotted Pony

  • Divide your hair into two segments and secure them collected in a low knot.
  • Secure the two segments in a knot once again and tug the ponytail with a hair band below the second knot. Wrap it with a piece of hair all-around the hair band in order to conceal it.


Unpolished Bun

  • Turn textured locks into a bun.
  • Insert a gold pin over the right side of the bun with the open ends in the direction of the left side of the bun.

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Twisted, Messy Waves

  • Turn the segments of damp hair follicles (make the segments big or small if you wish looser or tighter waves, correspondingly) and gust with a blow-dryer, focusing the heat down so you don’t unsettle the cuticle and source frizz.
  • After your complete head is in dry twists, isolate the twists with your fingers for the messy and beachy waves.


Side-Braided Pony

  • French braid a segment of hair on a side of your head from the line all the way down to down and tug it with a minor hair elastic.
  • Collect all your hair, counting the braid, into a pony, lock it with a flawless hair tie and wrap it with a line of your hair around the elastic to hide it.


Pretty Twisted

  • Turn the bang segment of your hair back from your face around 3 inches.
  • Fix a bobby pin all into your hair with the ends in the direction of your face to hide the pin.

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Voluminous Ponytail

  • Pull all your hair back into a high-end pony and tug it with hair elastic.
  • To deliver your pony additional oomph, split out the tail in half and p ut a tiny clip that matches your hair colour the base. Then cover the clip with the top half of your hair.


Securely Side-Swept

  • Move all your hair to one side and collect a small segment of hair at the nape of your neckline into a side pony. Then, tug it with small, clear rubber band.
  • Shield the ponytail with the upper portion of hair to hide the elastic.


Headband Halo

  • Have an elastic headband firmly all around the top of your head.
  • Take out a small segment of hair by your ear, pull it out back, and roughly weave it over the elastic on the back side.
  • Have a small segment of hair by your other ear, pull it out back, and roughly weave it over the elastic, mixing it with the first segment.


No-Slip Bun

  • For a safe bun that won’t nudge, tie all your hair back into two low ponytails knotted close together.
  • Turn the two tails in contrary directions till you have made your bun and lock with pins.

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Triple Topsy Tail

  • It is one of the best and easy hairstyles. By using small and tiny elastic bands, secure your complete hair in three short ponytails, one upon each.
  • Flip out the tail ends in an upward direction, tuck them in amid your head and the clear bands, and pull them out over the bottom to take the topsy tails.
  • Tug the top two tail ends all down through the ponytails below them.


Easy Intricate Braid

  • It is one of the easy hairstyles. Divide your hair into two segments and plait one side down the ends.
  • Plait the other side also.
  • Modestly pin the plaits together with the help of bobby pins to make one intricate-looking plait and tug with elastic at the end. Cape the elastic with a part of the hair to conceal it.


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