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French Style Yogurt and The Reasons To try It

Yoplait has just introduced a “French style yogurt” named “Oui—and it hits the store shelves this July.


With Greek yogurt ruling the yogurt market, Yoplait’s grip on the industry is slowly gliding. That is the reason why they are hoping to pinch a spot on your refrigerator shelf once again with its institution of French Style Yogurt. The firm’s new product was made to tout a clear list of ingredients, a delightful taste, and the usually craved thick consistency. Read on to find out what we ponder of this new delight and whether or not it’s worth the trade.

How Oui French Yogurt Is Different From Greek Yogurt


Unlike the Greek yogurt or traditional yogurt, which is habitually made in large containers, completely prepped and then separately packaged, French yogurt is prepared in the bottle it’s retailed in. This method is named as “pot-set.” That means, the constituents — whole milk, fruit (if fruit flavored), pure cane sugar, and yogurt cultures — are transferred into separate glass containers, to set and culture for about eight hours. Doug Martin, the Yoplait Director explains in a recent blog post: “It is the best way to prepare yogurt, but it is also the toughest to do at scale” We were nosy as to whether or not this was worth the risk taking. So, we tossed the bottles over and observed the nourishment facts.

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How The Nutritionals Compare


With a consistency similar to its Greek competitors, we were curious has to how its nutritional summary would equal. Strawberry Oui french style yogurt has much fewer proteins than any Greek fruit-on-the-bottom flair yogurt: 5 grams compared to amid 11 and 12 grams. But when compared to traditional yogurt with fruit on the lowest, there’s an important difference on the sugar count. Dannon’s Strawberry Fruit on the Bottom embraces 22 grams of sugar, whereas Oui & Chobani only have 15 grams. Another plus point for Oui? It is always made up of 8 or fewer constituents. Strawberry has just seven — counting whole milk (giving its high fat and sugar count, as of lactose) a product of cows raised up on a non-GMO feed, real fruit, and pure cane sugar. But even that much sugar is a slight too much for breakfast; moreover, it’s more sugar when compared to a Chocolate Frosted Donut from Dunkin Donuts.

If you are sticking to plain french style yogurt, you are definitely getting a quality product. Oui’s plain simply has 6 grams of sugar — merely two more than Chobani’s Whole-Milk Plain yogurt. After talking with Yoplait’s customer service crew, we apprehended both the options were packed with live cultures — the best for your gut probiotics. Well-known to help assists digestion; helps to stop belly bloat and fast weight gain.

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Go for it, better to opt plain yogurt. This creamy, licentious treat will be accessible in almost all foremost supermarkets. It’s even available on Amazon Fresh! Yoplait also went for eco-friendly wrapping. The usage of the recyclable glass pot defends their product in addition to dropping our carbon footprint giving all the more causes to take a bite and indulge.

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