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Halloween Nails That Are Better Than A Costume

  1. Dia de los Muertos


We have discussed our fatigue of Dia de los Muertos face nail art, but as a nail art, we are still down. Just begin with a white colour base, and then add flowers for the eyes. When it gets dried and then finish out the details in black.

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  1. Black Cat


Usually, black cats are a sign of bad omen, but they are pretty good as a Halloween nail art. Give every single nail a peekaboo kitten from diverse sides of your nail for an amusing look.

  1. Killer Knives


Get a horror film at your nail tips with this killer gaze. You need clear falsies, then coat on every knife in silver and black colour.

  1. Slithering Snake


A slithering snake is horrendous to most of the people but it makes for a certainly chill nail design. Begin with a clear transparent coat. When dry, paint an ongoing, wavy line in red colour across your hand. Facet the snake’s design with white colour and then black, then finish it off with a topcoat.

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  1. Moon Phases


This is one of the striking Halloween nails costume.From shining crescent to fading gibbous, paint every stage of the moon for every single nail. To get the moon’s uneven texture, try out a small-scale version of water marbling by using a wet cotton swab to pat the gray nail polish.

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