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Healthy Diet, Gawing Habit For Life

According to the National Nutrition Council (NNC), the nutrition theme for this year is “Healthy diet, gawing habit – for life!


This year’s, 2017 Nutrition Month celebration is affixed on the theme: “Healthy diet, gawing habit – for Life!”

This year’s nutrition celebration is intended to increase the public awareness on good nutrition practices to attain a healthy and productive population.

So why do we should make a healthy diet a regular habit?

  • A healthy diet is the basis of great health. Poor and unhealthy food makes us liable to under and over nutrition and non-communicable disorders (NCDs) like cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and diabetes. NCDs, also named lifestyle-related illnesses, persist as the topmost causes of demise in the Philippines that distress kid, adults, and even older persons.
  • Ensuring the extreme growth and development potential of a kid is vital in the initial 1000 days of a lifetime that starts from pregnancy up to the kid’s 2nd birthday. Proper maternal health, breastfeeding, and complementary feeding reinforce infants and young kids’ long-term health and immunity system from NCDs and obesity. Exclusive breastfeeding throughout the first 6 months is enough to deliver the essential nutrients required for the child growth and development. From 6 months onwards, complementary feeding, organized with breastfeeding, keep up with the baby’s growing nutrient requirements. These practices are internationally accepted as a good asset to a child’s future.

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  • Filipinos are not having healthy diets. Rendering to the 2013 National Nutrition Survey (NNS) of the Food and Nutrition Research Institute-DOST, just 35% of Filipino families meet their vital nutrient and energy levels. Not meeting the vitality requirements disturbs the metabolic procedures, physiological functions, and health of an individual. With a healthy diet, everyday energy and nutritional requirements can be fulfilled and thus, optimal health is guaranteed.
  • Based on the 2013 National Nutrition Survey, 3 people out of 10 Filipino adults are overweight. In the meantime, the occurrence of overweight amid Filipino children is about 5% in age groups zero to five years old and 9.1% in age groups five to ten years old. Overweight and stoutness are considered as risk factors to emerging NCDs. Obesity and Overweight can be addressed by making healthy food a life-long habit.
  • Enlarged availability of extremely processed foods and condensed access to fresh vegetables and fruits all the more creates healthy diet a mindful effort. This does not only mean making healthy food selections. For those in the food diligence, this entails making accessible healthier foods through reformulation of food products that are low in sodium, fat, and sugar.

We should make a healthy diet a regular habit not only when we rejoice Nutrition Month in July but all through the entire year. Let us start the healthy custom now and do it for a lifetime.

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