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Latest Bridal Mehndi Designs To Have

Mehndi designs will add an extra glamour to your beauty


Mehndi in the present world is an international sensation! Mehndi designs have truly progressed into a global fashion marvel with celebrities from Hollywood, Bollywood and numerous other industries sporting them on red carpets and even at fashion dos. Well, we have done that job for you and assembled this splendid list of bridal mehndi designs. Here are the latest bridal mehndi designs for those looking for new trends, styles, and patterns in this gorgeous art.

  1. Palm Peacock


This is another version of the inimitable peacock, but here on the palm. This design is spectacular and convoluted with very less empty space in amid the henna lines, providing the complete design an artistic rangoli like appearance. This use of clean space and negative space is one of the modern trends in mehndi and makes for one of the finest and latest mehndi designs of 2017.

  1. The Modern Day Dandiya Mehndi Design


With arms, feet and also legs completely covered with the mehndi design, this is an intricate and far more elaborate iteration of the wedding design. This is an attractive design of the bride and bridegroom playing dandiya and is probably a bridal scene that has been seized in mehndi.

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  1. Dulha Dulhan Mehndi DesignDulha-Dulhan

It factually translates into groom and bride and henceforth the dulha-dulhan mehndi design which is a wedding specialty through North India and is an artistic representation of the bride and groom over mehndi art. This design is exceptional to weddings and here is portrayed in a most stylish and trendy style reliable with the latest mehndi patterns and blows, so while there are several iterations of this delightful style, this is one of the newest and most attractive mehndi designs.

  1. Trendy & Minimalist Simple Floral Mehndi


The floral design is one that has altered much and every single new iteration brings a contemporary and stylish twist to this portrayal. This is a simple and straight floral mehndi design that is ship-shape and light – embracing the present trend of simple design. It is simple on the eyes and would go well with any type of dressing or style you pick to team it with.

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  1. Wheel of Life


Latest trends in mehndi habitually bring with them modern and re-imagination takes on many things – this one is inspired by the wheel of the Sun God (Lord Surya) or Jagganath Ratha Chakra. This stylish and innovative design is a very dominant choice amid young and fashionable Indian ladies. The design is sophisticated and has thorough accents that add to its charm, giving your mehndi an exceptional and matchless style.

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