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Latest Dressing Styles for Girls to Adopt in 2017

Dressing styles are all that says about you, especially for girls.


In today’s world, Fashion is not meant for only celebs or models. Television, media, the internet, and newspapers have exposed people to the everlasting fashion trends, getting modernized in each season. As we all know that fashion changes with time and season. Here, we have picked out some of the latest dressing styles and wearable fashion trends for beautiful ladies out there. So, let us have a look at the latest dressing styles for girls to adopt in 2017.

  1. Kimono-style Trench Coats


This fashionable mix of a modern coat has been surprisingly one of the stylish and well-accepted dressing styles from last summer. These coats are roomy, slouchy and lightweight. Yet thrown in with these summer trench coats, belts, exclusively a medium-size obi belt, with a small knot in the side, can complete the final look.

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  1. Shirt Dresses


One of the hottest styles to pick this year is shirt dress. Long shirt dresses, which had hit the ramps a few years ago, have already become a fashion. However, this season, famous fashion designers have redesigned the shirt dress with a range of cuts and quirks. Whether it might be Drop waists or double high slits or button-downs or asymmetric hemlines or mandarin collar, just be prepared to get on an adventure, and simply experiment with any kind of look that matches your personality to play with the latest fashion trends for women.

  1. Long Vests 


Long vests, which the fashion designers have been playing with, are absolutely perfect for this pre-fall season. A perfect alternative to the 1970’s blazers and jackets, long vests have a light effect on the complete body, particularly when left unbuttoned. These vests can be worn in the summer season by showing off your bare arms, with a sweater in the winter season, or it can also be used to get a layered look.

  1. Culottes


Culottes are usually tricky, especially with the particular length. Falling somewhere in the middle of a boot cut and a full-on flare, have grown from last season’s double-tone or embroidered variants of raw denim to the trousers with wide legs in this pre-fall season, and the length is shortened just amid the lower calf and upper ankle. Separately from the ankle-grazing length, a sophisticated, more notorious length is also trending hot, and it will be looked best when joined with tall leather boots, significantly taming the dressing style for female.

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  1. Sporty Look


Give a cool quotient to this winter season with this athletic trend, an old-school tactic to styling that is making a retort in the modest temperatures this autumn or winter spell. The classic touches that include tennis skirt, go-faster stripes, gym shorts, leather leggings or plimsolls can really gear up the look in a splashy, fresh, kind of manner. The sporty design can offer a nice fit, giving out a great shape for your body. Polo neck is one of foremost fashion trends for women for the year 2017.

  1. Gypset


Gypset inspired trends to meet the stylish jet set fashioning and you have gypset, described by orientalism, bold patterns, and lavishness of bohemianism. Gypset is one of the major fashion trends for women in this year and is completely wearable. It is a cool and enjoyable travel line, starting in the ‘70s. This attire can spice up your daily hectic work with a surge of colour and exoticism. Layered stripes with oriental-inspired accessories, Aladdin pants, and bold floral designs, will gear up the dressing style for female.

  1. Cape


Trench coat trends were gone last year! And for this winter, just beat out the harsh cold conditions with the all latest fashion trends for women, i.e. the cape. It strictly resembles a poncho, and is strong enough to shun all the other kinds of winter wearing. It can be worn with any sides up or down, and goes quite well with any other winter attire, straight from above-the-knee boots to traditional pyjama style. Cape is best to have when the neutral colours are selected. The poncho itself gives out a layered look. Just do not miss out this trending attire this winter.

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  1. A-Line Shapes


A-line has been ruling the entire fashion world from past few years as one of the best dressing styles for girls, and it is certainly on the peak, particularly for the resort season. It seems best when worn with a touch of the 1970s for a bit of a twist. A frisky mix of masculine jackets with efficient floral prints or vibrant zigzags, cropped cuts, and high-waist flared attires or straight-leg trousers with trainers can give you the best look. A-line dresses and jumpsuits, or skirts with embroidery, joined with knits or shirts, are womanly, and so 2017!

  1. Trucker Jackets


If you want to add up something great to your wardrobe that you can wear in for, any season of the year, then the trucker jacket is must-have apparel that you go for. Usually, the denim jackets go great when there is a start of a small nip in the air, and are simply as great when tattered under a layer, forming a fashion statement. Choose for any: just club it with thin khakis or jeans, have it unbuttoned on a free tee, or even on a shirt. The selection is yours. This trucker jacket is super-versatile, and a total essential that completes your wardrobe.

  1. Saree with a twist


Saree, the ethnic Indian apparel is not just for the Indians any longer. Wear your saree with a trendy modern twist, and just drape it like a simple gown. Show off those body curves in the flairs that are rocking the fashion ramp, or simply fetch back the old traditional style of Mumtaz. Just throw in a crop top, or a blazer, a tube, or something that catches your fashion, in place of the tedious old blouse, and add a completely new, quirky aspect to the old-style 9 yards. Add a belt. Make an out-and-out fusion to own the saree-clad appearance this year.

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