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Modius is a neuro-stimulation wearable that assists Weight Loss

Modius headset will suppress your appetite and rev up your metabolism


Is your jean getting tighter? Are you having some trouble in dragging yourself away from seconds and thirds at the dining table?

If so, there might be a simple way to shed that additional fat fast—without changing your diet or spending your free time at the gym in doing hard workouts. That’s all the makers of the headset Modius claim.

The creators of Modius claim their creation can aid you to lose weight by reducing your appetite and enhancing your metabolism. Moreover, one of the inventors claims that he had reduced his own body fat by 44 percent just in a year.

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This device makes use of low-level electrical impulses sent straight to your hypothalamus. Though it is a very small area in your midbrain, the hypothalamus manages the activity of the pituitary system that controls complete body temperature, hunger, thirst, and other actions. Because of these activities, it’s a common target for weight loss medication growth and obesity research, rendering to Scott Kahan, M.D., M.P.H. and the director of National Center for Weight and Wellness, and Chairperson of the Clinical Committee of the Obesity Society.

“Since a precise area within the hypothalamus is the bench of appetite, being capable to stimulate that region could have an influence on weight loss, in theory,” he speaks.

The challenge comes from altering theory into action. Modius inventors are self-reliant that the headset—intended to be worn for only a few hours per week—can prompt your brain to lessen the appetite without hunger pangs.

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