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All You Need To Know About Funbites Food Cutters

Funbites food cutters are super robust and durable curved blade cutter that cuts any kids’ food into bite-sized fun-loving shapes.


Shark Tank, AAward-winning Funbites food cutters are kitchen tool devices that cut any type of kid’s food into bite-sized fun shapes. Every single set comes with a curved blade cutter to slice through any food items and an identical popper top to pop out the bit sized pieces. Go on pancakes, sandwiches, cheese, fruits, quesadillas and more!

Apart from junk food, let us make hale and hearty food more fun. Great for finicky eaters and creative mothers!

Usage of Funbites Food Cutters

Step 1

Initially, place Funbites cutter on the top of the food. Remove the popper top and put it aside.

You are ready to go!

Step 2

Hold the cutter handles, firmly to rock back and forth around 5 to 6 times to cut all the way over the food.

Step 3

Put the popper top. Lift the cutter up from food. Inset the popper top and push down to take out the bite-sized food pieces.

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  • BPA free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made in USA
  • Imported from USA

Need of using Funbite Food Cutters

Each kid loves a mom, who puts high effort into packing them a delicious and fun-loving meal. Perhaps they won’t say thank you, but they certainly remember this as they grows up.

It leaves a great impression on anybody that sees your food adornments. Make use of Funbites Food Cutters to make interesting and fun appetizers or yummy cookies. Just throw out a theme party and let the animals be the center of attraction. Kids will love your formations and grownups will let some laughs slip out. They won’t discern that you made these incredible decorations with least effort and also with a smile on your face.

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You can also decorate cupcakes or even a big birthday cake with fondant cuts and turn out to be a kid friendly party master! Let kids help with garnishing by using the Funbites Cutters and for sure they will be keen to help around the kitchen each time. Enjoy the quality time with your little ones and create master pieces at the similar time. They will be proud to aid you and your heart will melt seeing them so involved in beautifying!

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