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Sam Smith Weight Loss Story, He Appears Slimmer Than Ever

Singer Sam Smith is barely recognizable after losing around 50 pounds


Sam Smith physical transformation has sustained, with the pop singer showing off a dramatically slimmer body in London overnight.

Sam has been progressively shedding the pounds over the past few years and formerly even revealed that he had lost more than a pebble in a fortnight.

The singer has formerly accredited nutritious therapist Amelia Freer for his weight loss and is supposed to have shed three stone incomplete.

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Back in the year 2015 April, he had posted an image showing her book on Instagram, together with the caption: “Amelia Freer has helped me lose over a stone in two weeks and has completely transformed my relationship with food.

The 25 years old performer appeared noticeably thinner when he attended a Yves Saint Lauren event. Singer’s loose-fitting jeans drooped on his slimmed-down frame and he enclosed up his top half of the body with a long-sleeved, baggy shirt. His fitness trainers and facial stubble concluded the relaxed look — a flair that is a touch more frowzy from his once elegant look.

In the past, Sam Smith has been told regarding the pressures in the gay community to look a specific way.

“There is even a lot of body dysmorphia in the gay communal, which means if you are not toned and skinny it can be horrific,” he said to The Sun.

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Weight loss is the consequence of a health boost the Stay With Me singer has been on for a while now. In the year 2015, Smith had revealed that he had lost seven kilograms in just 14 days after “totally transforming” his rapport with food.


By the time he had credited his transformation to working with nutritious therapist Amelia Freer, the writer of the book Eat, Nourish, Glow. He felt so thankful for her for the huge transformation he got through.

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