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Santa Clarita Diet Season 2: Netflix Renewal Status and Release Date

Netflix renowned dark comedy Santa Clarita Diet featuring Drew Barrymore and Timothy Elephant has been renewed for a second season.


Santa Clarita Diet is a well-known latest Netflix Original comedy series which had dropped its first season on 3rd February 2017 on Netflix. The TV series has been met many positive praises just after the initial reservations from the promos. With Netflix Original in great demand at the instant, let us take a glance as to whether and when Santa Clarita Diet season 2 will be coming to Netflix.

When is Santa Clarita Diet back for season 2?

Santa Clarita Diet admirers have too patiently waited for the comedy shows return sometime in the year 2018, Netflix has stated.

The second season of Santa Clarita Diet was teased in a ridiculous trailer full of body parts placed out in the shape of a number 2.

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What is Santa Clarita Diet about?

Santa Clarita Diet trails the mishaps of two married estate agents met with the problem that one of them is a zombie.

Sheila and Joel Hammond (Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant) stay in the scenic suburbs of Santa Clarita, California.

Their complete world is twisted upside down when Sheila expires in a violent burst of vomit, merely to come back to life with a hunger for human flesh.

As the series headways, Joel is driven to the limit of a mental collapse as he aids his undead, but beloved wife kills common people for food.

Whereas Sheila’s hunger grows day by day and her body parts begin to fall off, the two persons remain dedicated to making their wedding work.

Season one finished on a cliffhanger with the Hammond’s coming close to finding a treatment for Sheila’s condition.

The season 2 in 2018 will disclose whether or not the twosome was successful.

Who is the cast of Santa Clarita Diet?

The main roles of estate agents Joel Hammond and Sheila are played by Timothy Olyphant and Drew Barrymore.

Olyphant, typically known for his characters on Scream 2 and the Crazies, admired his on-screen wife, expressing: “There is no amount of blood you can put on her face where your response isn’t still, ‘Isn’t she gorgeous?’ That’s what we have found out.”

Australian artist Liv Hewson, 21 years old, stars as the couple’s defiant young daughter Abby Hammond whose peculiar world is shaken by her mother becoming a zombie.

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The foremost cast is done with Skyler Gisondo as Eric Bennis, the stroppy next-door-neighbor who harbors an infatuation with Abby and has weird knowledge of the undead.

Mary Elizabet Ellis, Richard T Jones, and Ricardo Chavira also seem as recurring characters.

Zach Knighton, who admirers might recognize from his character on Happy Endings, has also engaged on to the series and will perform a secret role in the season 2.

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