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The Secret Behind Kelly Clarkson Weight loss

Get the workout that helped Kelly Clarkson Weight loss and gain confidence


One more favorite singer of ours, Kelly Clarkson has shed about 30 lbs and she looks great!  So how would she do it?  The old-fashioned way, through exercise and diet.  She has been sweating out for five days in a week and monitors her food servings, but still has a margarita rarely.

Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss Workout

Things You Need:

A workout mat, boxing gloves, boxing bag, medicine ball, water bottle

How it Works:

This Kelly Clarkson workout should be done as an excellent set, with no rest in amid each move. With every single exercise, push yourself to the bounds and do as many as possible.

  1. Ball Pushup Hand to Hand:

Take a pushup position on the ground. Roll a medicine ball beneath one hand with the other hand keeping on the ground. Lower yourself down into a pushup position ’til you can feel pressure on both sides of your chest. Ensure not to tilt your shoulders.

From the bottom of your pushup position, press back up to the initial position. Hold for a full second at the top, then shift the ball to the other hand and go down. Repeat.

Do as many as you can, but not less than 25 sets.

  1. Mountain Climbers

Come to a knees and hands position on the ground with your toes pointed towards the ground. Your hands should be ahead of your shoulders. Get your left foot frontward and place it on the ground under your chest. Your hip and knee are bent and your thigh towards your chest. Lift the right knee above the ground, making your right leg straight and firm.

By keeping your hands strongly on the ground, jump to shift the leg positions. Both legs leave the floor as you drive your right knee frontward and reach your left leg back. Your left leg is fully prolonged behind you and your hip and right knee are curved with your right foot on the ground.

Do as many as you possible, but not less than 50.

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  1. Crazy 8 Lunges

Stand on your feet about shoulder-width apart. Clutch a medicine ball in front of you with your elbows bent around 90 degrees. Step frontward with your left leg in to a lunge position. From your chest, turn your upper body to the left. Then, reach through your left side with your arms out-stretched as if you are drawing an “8” in the air. Step above with other leg while you are twisting to the other side.

Complete it with 25 reps.

  1. Jump Squats

Stand straight and bend your knees, but ensure that your back remains straight. Come to a squat position, keeping your hips and back straight by placing your head forward. Instantly jump upwards. Go upward as high as you can with your both hands as your both feet leave the floor. Come back to the starting position. Swing your arms back and straightway repeat the second step.

Do as many as you can, but not less than 25 reps.

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