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The Secret Behind Kelly Clarkson Weight loss

  1. Boxing Cardio Burst

Place on your boxing gloves and do a sequence of hooks into a punching bag, flashing each arm back and forth. Alternate this with double or triple hooks on every side. If you don’t have a bag or gloves, just do the actions as if you did.

Box as firm as you can for about 3 minutes.

  1. Squats with Jumping Jacks

Begin in jumping jack position with hands straight above your head and legs. Jump out into a squat while concurrently bringing your hands straight down to your sides. Your forearms will hit your limbs. Ensure your weight is in your heels and the knees do not go above your toes. Come down to the starting position. Keep your naval pulled, into your spine.

Complete it by 25 reps.

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  1. Erase the Board

Sit down by holding a medicine ball in both hands. Ensure you find out your center of balance and then rise your feet above the ground, so that you are balancing on your bums. Keep the medicine ball out in front of you with arms straight. Move the chest to the left side and then to the right side, reaching and fixing the medicine ball on the ground each side.

Complete as many repetitions as possible without breaking form.

  1. Boxing Cardio Burst

Box for three more minutes, then come to rest and go back to the starting of the workout to finish out a total of 3 to 5 sets.

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