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Taylor Swift Weight Gain- Hitting the Gym in Style

Taylor Swift dotted for the first time in the year 2017 while on her way to a gym in Loss Angeles


Taylor Swift is surely not “packing on the pounds.” If you are one of those admirers who follow the singer carefully, you will observe that she is still in great shape. Taylor has been going to the gym loyally despite the gossips that she’s been eating tons succeeding her breakup from Tom Hiddleston.

Taylor allegedly is having a “rift” with her eminent girl squad, reports TMZ. The pop singer was seen working it out at the Body By Simone fitness studio in WeHo. The opening notes that she looked tensed when she was snapped leaving the gym.

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The singer made her look extravagant by pulling her mark blonde locks into a low ponytail with her thumps covering her forehead. Her bag is a bit elegant to be well thought-out a “gym bag” as it’s a costly price. But she looked very much in shape after the gossips swirled that she was consuming her heart out after the breakup with Hiddleston.

As her admirers know, Taylor is a great baker and frequently posts Instagram photographs of her baking up a squall in her kitchen. It’s not a furtive that she loves to eat pies, cookies, and muffins.


In the recent photos of Swift, it’s very clear that she’s not sitting simply and eating her sorrows away. Yet the singer adores her sweets, it’s very clear that she keeps an eye on her diet. Back in 2016, Delish printed an in-depth gaze at Taylor’s daily food regime. She pampers in sweets from time to time, but she takes in balance to prevent any over-indulgence and probable weight gain, rendering to the report.

From Monday to Friday, she eats healthy but doesn’t confine herself by counting calories. For the global pop star, it’s all about eating the lot in control. She also confines her drinking through the week lest she’s attending an A-list occasion.

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Sandwiches, Salads, and yogurt are some of her preferred foods to eat, and she always tries to intake healthy snacks and light diets. For example, Taylor will snack on nuts or fruits instead of candies or potato chips. She has also cut sodas and sugary drinks from her regime and ensures to drink plenty of water all through the day.

Burgers, pizzas, and fries are just some of the nourishment that she will eat on the weekends. It doesn’t look like she is still craving after Hiddleston, nor has she turned to emotive eating to get over her ex-boyfriend.

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