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Top 9 Fall Hair Color Trends That Will Be Huge for 2017

Consider these best fall hair color trends, which we’ve got options for blonds, brunettes, and redheads.


Over the past few years, fall hair color trends have been amusing and different. Exceptional colors like pastels, rainbow variations, and rose gold have been a great hit, and in turn, hair colorists have been provided a lot more creativity. Yet, dusty shades like these are only attained when the color absorbs well into the hair shaft that means that extreme bleaching is required to attain some of these looks.

  1. Jet-Black


Of course, everything all-black can be daunting, but a dark shade like Lucy Hale’s lustrous black remains one of the utmost cool changes a person can make their appearance. Just a simple thing to keep in mind: If you are a blond, drifting so far from your natural hair color can be complex, specifically if you don’t dye your eyebrows to match.

  1. Golden Bronde


Bronde—or Golden-blond, by alternative name—is the firmest way to give your hair facet, especially if you have got locks like model Jasmine Sanders’. One more reason we love it? As your follicles grow, the lighter pieces will blend attractively into your base color, providing you a great start to your future winter hair color.

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  1. Warm Copper


Take this as a marriage amid dusty rose gold and deep auburn; with a warm metallic flash all its own. Close-cropped locks like Amandla Stenberg’s will make this vibrant mix of kinds pop even more.

  1. High-Contrast Roots


For anybody who dyes their hair, you comprehend how bothersome root touch-ups can be. As an alternative to rushing to the hair salon, let your hair roots work in your favor this fall. No doubt, this is one of the best Fall Hair Color Trends for 2017. By growing out your hair without a beauty salon touch-up, it takes on a naturally lived-in look that celebs like Hailey Baldwin have shown to be fans of.

  1. Caramel Highlights


Though it might feel counterintuitive, highlights really add extra warmth to your appearance. It is especially right for darker hair, like Shay Mitchell’s, and makes a smooth changeover from summer to fall.

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  1. Ombré


“Heating up brown hair as the weather cools down is a smooth way to adjust your appearance for fall,” speaks colorist Joel Warren. Professional tip: If it is your first time, just leave this to the experts. Trying ombré at-home dyeing kits can turn brown hair metallic and orange, not a quite look you are going for, we consider.

  1. Platinum


Before you try, yes—platinum was this summer’s major hair color, but guess what? Superstars can’t get enough, and neither can normal people. As the climate cools off, just consider cooling off a previously ice shade of platinum also, like Karlie Kloss’s off-white layered appearance.

  1. Cinnamon Chocolate


Also beautiful: model Jourdan Dunn’s style in the shade that is just a touch nimbler than Sarah Hyland’s. The perfect trick to nailing this perfect fall hair colors is the disparity created when an auburn hue warms up dark hair.

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  1. Sandy Beige


Good news for those people who love ultra-blond locks in the summer season. By adding certain beige-toned streaks like Behati Prinsloo’s to your curls is one of the best fall hair colour trends 2017. You’ll end up with very beautiful dimension and richness of hair.

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