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Top Designs of Fall Acrylic Nails, You Definitely Love

  1. Half Moon With a Twist


Yeah, red nails are always classic — but this gold and blood orange nail design is anything but usual.

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  1. Torn Paper


Not prepared to give up your summer bright yet? Embrace beachy shades like aqua with fall hues like deep ivy colour for a transitional look.

  1. Real Feathers


That is right — this nail design doesn’t just need only nail polish. You need feathers, also. And though it is slightly tougher than the average manicure, it is the best way to hone up your skills and get an elegant style for this fall season.

  1. Single Stripe


When the bright white shades of summer have vanished from our nails, it is time to wish for something a slightly warmer. Try a lovely beige color, and then attain the world’s simplest nail art by drawing a tinny, single line down one nail per hand.

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  1. Navy Studs


If your fashion is one part elegant and two parts jumpy, this cool jewelry-inspired nail art is perfect for you.

  1. Stained Glass Windows


Copycat the appearance of beautiful stained glass windows with this striking, angular nail design. Add a touch of shimmer to spice up the things even more.

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  1. French Plum


French manicures don’t need to just be pink and white — sometimes; a more delicate contrast can be just as splendid. Case in fact: This cavernous plum manicure looks virtuous enough to eat.

  1. Back to School


Rejoice back-to-school season — also if you have been out for a long time! — With this gorgeous notebook nail art design. Learning to do an incredible manicure is the perfect kind of homework.

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