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Top 10 Romantic Hairstyles To Wear this Wedding Season

  1. Chic Chignon


French ladies always knew how to be on point, and wearing the best hairstyle isn’t an exception at all for them. Chignons will be the perfect hairstyle for your wedding since as a hairstyle, it looks very chic. This hairstyle is not that difficult but more practice is needed before you try at your wedding. Though it looks very easy, you might need a certain amount of time to make it perfect.

  1. Braided Updo


Braided Updo is one if the romantic hairstyle to have on your wedding day. Start by having a side French braid and make it slightly messy. Twist it around as if you would do with a hair bun, but not much. Attain the look as it is visible in the picture below. To make this hairstyle even prettier, you can add any hair accessory that you would like.

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  1. Waterfall Braid Updo


If you are having a short hair– this hair updo is the perfect one to have on your big day. It is very simple to have. Initially just ensure that your hair is having some texture and then start curling your hair follicles. Divide your hair into two sections and then make a low ponytail from one section, braid the other section into the waterfall. Then wrap the braid all around the hair bun and secure tight with pins.

  1. Braided Chignon


This is the latest version of chignon to have this wedding season. Take two small parts of your hair and braid them as seen in the below picture. Twist them slightly, join them at the back and secure them tightly with a ponytail holder. Now, take the rest of the hair and pin it into the little braids.

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  1. Rosette Embellished Ponytail


Comb your hair and take two small hair segments near the ear and bond them at the back with the help of an elastic band. Now, braid the small section into a three – section braid, pin it and start rolling it up in order to create a rosette look. Tuck down the edges with bobby pins and ensure that they’re not visible. Spray your hair properly and you’re done.

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