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Weight Gain Diet Plan: 5 Tips for Putting on Extra Kilos

A proper Weight gain diet will definitely add you extra flesh if taken daily


As incredible as it might sound, some people really want to gain weight. If you belong to that category, you are possibly envied by your friends and colleagues. Most of the people usually struggle with their bony fame, dying to add the desired mass.

Here, in this article, we have listed some effective weight gain diet tips that can assist you to gain weight.

  1. Take Food that Provides Calories Along with Nutrients


Never start eating high calories junk foodstuff to gain weight. Junk food typically gives you fat and sugar calories. They offer no nutrition. Here comes the list of best foods to include in weight gain diet plan

  • Add milk to your breakfast cereals and pick granola or muesli.
  • Try to make your own salads with healthy oils.
  • Add sweet potato, potatoes, tapioca and additional starchy vegetables along with normal veggies.
  • Go for a whole wheat paratha over bread. In order to make it healthy add some greens and vegetables. Mix it with some dahi if you desired.
  • High-fat fish like salmon is good for dinner and it is a great source of healthy omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Putting wheat germ to your diet increases calories intake while adding folate and fiber.

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  1. Load Up on Dry Fruits, Nuts, and Seeds


It’s good to stay away from low-calorie nourishment. Always prefer high-calorie foods. They give more nutrition in smaller quantities, making it simpler to eat more.

  • Nuts are the perfect choice to eat in order to get high calories. Normally an ounce of dried nuts give about 150-200 Kcals together with fibers, healthy oils, antioxidants, and minerals.
  • Nut butters are good to go. They give out healthy oils and fat when compared to dairy butter and high calories.
  • Dry fruits are also calorie dense versions of getting high calories.
  • Seeds like Flaxseeds and Pumpkin are a source of a good amount of calories and fats. They are even rich in minerals and antioxidants.
  • Calorie high fresh fruits like avocado, mangoes and ripe banana can also be included in your diet.

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